Passive Ideals

Feel so inhuman today. I feel as though I’m just a hovering being watching life’s clockwork. I’m not sure. I think too deep about the simplest ideologies. I think its my broadest strength and my most devious weakness. I want to see the world as mildly innocent. I want to view life as a passing craze, filled with delicious moments soon to be forgotten yet somehow felt. I don’t want to question the motive of every movement, decision, thought, and word… I overthink the small things and pass up the big. I decide that there are deeper meanings to Everything. Motives and unresolved emotions. I want to go about my day and only see the film. The top layer. Not dig and wonder deeper Because what justification do I get from knowing deeper meaning? How does that change outcome. Outlook. Memory. Regret. Thought. Intent? It doesn’t. Alas here I am pondering yet another ideology of my life. Myself. Will I even calm my searching mind? Or is it forever searching for answers to questions I have yet to ask.


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