I can’t take letting people down anymore. I can’t take a lot of things. I can’t take being ignored, adored… I can’t handle it I have no room in my head anymore. So many voices so much guilt… I don’t think there’s one person left ive met that I haven’t disappointed. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry world I’m sorry people ive met I’m sorry to the ground ive walked on and the footsteps ive left. All so useless. The air I breathe every breath exhale more poisonous than the first. I’m sorry I never meant to be this toxic I never meant to be this weak. I just hope someone will forgive me before they forget me. Maybe I’m meant to be this toxic. Why have I lived this long if I’m not even a positive contribution. Even the most crooked of psychopaths teach the world. What have I taught anyone what mark have I made what mark will I ever leave? What if I’m this toxic to my lover or my children… all I ever am is toxic all ill ever be is waste. I seep into your life and ruin it without trying to. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I don’t want to ruin anyone anymore I don’t want to be here or there. I don’t want to be sad happy alone loved high sober in pain in bliss… the annoyance that is life has bugged me for the last time I don’t know which I hate more, myself or the ground I walk on


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