Can you fix a broken mind, where pain and sadness are intertwined? Where sparse happiness fleets too fast, too fine? Where anger rejects you and satisfaction neglects you? Will it ever be mended? Or am I permanently offended, with this curse that’s left me almost level headed? Hate in my chest outweighs happiness, it pushes out love with an ignorant shove. Was I born like this? Or is it just deaths kiss, seducing me with its promises of relief and bliss? If I ever find out what this is all about, maybe ill finally find that place where I can show my face, not caked in doubt of what my real personality is about? Can a broken mind be mended? My question’s open ended, so please I won’t be offended. A little input is recommended. But I guess My sanity can’t be neglected, its already too effected. Maybe my journey will be ended. Can a broken mind be mended?


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