My entire life people were always telling me I was the best, I always disagreed but for some reason people always feel that I like it or that it will be beneficial that they tell me that. So here I am now. Standing experience deprived in the area of egotistical struggle. Today was the first time I’ve had to try out for something because my whole life people would always hear about me and assume I was good enough and take me. I’ve never had to experience the feelings of being inferior. Also this lack of experience doesn’t seem to help me in the field of relationships either. Having somebody, of the opposite sex mainly, not feel the same way about you as you do to them. I’ve always been told how everybody likes me, I’m perfect, you can get any guy. But when it comes to actually finding one I actually want its never the same. I can’t help but be mad at society in part. These feelings of such low self worth have always plagued me but never to this extent. Partially also my fault for knowing these feelings existed but always subconsciously refusing to make the realization. The mental and egotistical state I have been in has suited me. I guess that can also be classified as simply “youth.”


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