Summer Bucket L…

Summer Bucket List

“Suck It List” 2012

By: Charlotte Cafferky


  • Get a NICE tan
  • Get blonder hair
  • Be nice to everyone I meet
  • Learn a lot of new music
  • Get a nice body..(abs)
  • Swim a LOT
  • Do a backflip
  • Pull an all nighter
  • Have an all night phone call
  • Meet someone new
  • Learn new hairstyle that I can actually do
  • Find new makeup routine
  • Tell somone how I ACTUALLY feel
  • Be selfish
  • Make a video of myself singing and post
  • Resolve every thing that makes me pressed
  • Get nails done
  • Get eyebrows waxed
  • Go on the roof
  • Eat dinner under the stars
  • Have a party
  • Write a story
  • Learn accoustic guitar
  • Bike throughlakeaccotink
  • Go mini golfing with friends
  • Lay on the beach
  • Meet a guy on the beach
  • Buy a “Bru Thru”, “Dirty Dicks”, “Birthday Suit”, and “I got crabs” shirt
  • Try a new food
  • Learn more spanish
  • Run a lot
  • ~PARTY~
  • Have a pool party
  • Buy a new wardrobe
  • Clean house
  • Help someone
  • Go camping
  • Wear  a bikini with total confidence
  • Don’t straighten hair
  • Curl hair
  • Go streaking
  • Go to Kings Dominion
  • Go to Six Flags
  • Punch Somone
  • Cut my hair
  • Do the splits
  • Watch every horror movie on netflix
  • Learn field hockey
  • Finish a Chipotle burrito
  • Go to 24 hour Ihop with my main hoes
  • Walf really far for no reason
  • Use a CP
  • Go to “Gateway” resturaunt inPennsylvaniajust for creamed corn
  • Finish the “Clique” series and read the first book
  • Buy and watch “The Clique
  • Use a CP
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Keep in touch with everyone I want to
  • Finish my level on “Little Big Planet”
  • Go to Prince James pool
  • Prank call Pizza Hut
  • Prank call everyone on my contact list
  • Watch every Nicholas Sparks movie
  • Read every Nicholas Sparks book you can buy
  • Walk a dog for money
  • Design Locker
  • Go to Tivley basement at night
  • Just Drive and get lost
  • Ding Dong ditch the doll house
  • Get a massage
  • Get a cute “good morning” text
  • Find a friend on omegle
  • Say no
  • Go shopping all day
  • Play COD (and win) all night
  • Go rock climbing
  • Join a gym… GO tothat gym
  • Decorate room with letters
  • Be confident
  • Have *FUN*
  • Visit Jericho in Texas

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